BCN Breaking News – Direct to You

The Bird Conservation Network invites you to join the BCN mailing list for the latest information from the BCN community. You’ll get the quarterly newsletter, advocacy alerts, plus updates on interesting BCN-supported projects (like the ongoing Black-crowned Night Heron and Regional Grassland Bird Survey projects). The Will County IAS chapter is a vital member of […]

Great Places to Bird in Will County

Visit the Forest Preserve District of Will County online to see all the amazing places our area offers for birding. The Forest Preserve works to protect wildlife, especially threatened or endangered species, in its preserves. Enjoy the viewing of this wildlife at a variety of locations throughout Will County.

Injured Wild Birds & Wildlife

Before rescuing a bird that appears injured or abandoned, check a resource to determine how to deal with the situation. A good resource is Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, an all volunteer bird conservation project that operates under the auspices of the Chicago Audubon Society. If you find an injured bird, you can call the CBCM […]

Birding Ethics

WCAS strictly follows the Code of Birding Ethics, as published by the American Birding Association. Everyone who enjoys birds and birding must always respect wildlife, its environment, and the rights of others. In any conflict of interest between birds and birders, the welfare of the birds and their environment comes first.

Find a Wild Bird Entangled in Fishing Line?

Detailed advice from Chicago Bird Collison Monitors on how to help a bird you find trapped or tangled in fishing line, string, or netting is available at:

Bird Photography

How to be a responsible photographer and do no harm to birds and theirhabitats, Thorn Creek Audubon

Special Considerations for Owls

The popularity of owls make them especially vulnerable -how toprotect their nesting and feeding needs

Bird ID Help

A bird guide to help identify birds visually, through song and behavior, Cornell Lab of Ornithology:

Citizen Science

Monitor birds throughout the Chicago region to help conserve habitat, Bird Conservation Network